About Us

What is CultureKicks?

There’s a short answer to that question, and a long-ish answer.

The short answer is that we’re an arts website, established in 2013 to cover film, music, dance, theatre, literature, painting… all that stuff.

The long-ish answer involves a bit of a history lesson.

The two editors of CultureKicks, Pete Hoskin and Simon Mason, first met in 2009. Pete was the Online Editor of The Spectator. Simon ran an arts blog named for a Joy Division lyric, Touching From a Distance. They were soon colleagues as well as friends. Touching From a Distance changed its home to become the official Spectator Arts Blog. The association would last a couple of years, until June 2012.

That’s why there are posts on CultureKicks dating from before 2013. Our archive includes pieces originally published on the Spectator website and on Touching From a Distance. They are by people including the novelist Ian Rankin, the newspaper columnist Matthew d’Ancona and the television presenter Samira Ahmed. We’re very proud of this archive – we’ll highlight some of its riches on the CultureKicks homepage from time to time.

CultureKicks will maintain some of its forerunners’ traditions. Many of the same writers will contribute here. We’ll keep up the popular Spotify Sunday series, a sort of Desert Island Discs for the Web Age.

But CultureKicks is also something different from what’s gone before. It has, in particular, a clearer sense of mission. This is not a place for negative reviews – or reviews of any sort, really. What we want to do is share our enthusiasms, and we hope to do so with articles that read like magazine features. Sometimes they’ll be topical, sometimes they won’t, but we hope you’ll always find them well-written, informative and—crucially—unpretentious.

And if you’re looking for something a little bit shorter? There’s always our Twitter and Tumblr feeds.

Anyway, that’s about it for this ‘About Us’. If you want to get in touch—whether to pitch an article, or just to chat—then please click here.


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