Siouxsie 3

Siouxsie Sioux got there first

By on June 18, 2013

Siouxsie Sioux, Royal Festival Hall, 16th June 2013 Whatever Siouxsie Sioux has been doing in the five years since her last UK gig and in the 30-ish years since I last saw her, it clearly didn’t involve much hedonism or debauchery or general hardcore fun, the kind you liked to [...]

Great Albums: Dare
By on June 5, 2013
A crash course in brain surgery
By on May 10, 2013
50 Years of The Rolling Stones
By on April 3, 2011


Question Time

In it for the Bahs

By on May 9, 2013

‘Bah’. If I had to condense the many varied and conflicting sentiments that appear alongside the #bbcqt hashtag into a single word, that would be it – ‘Bah’. In fact, looking at the feed at this precise moment in time*, Bah seems very much to be the order of the [...]

What I’ve been watching…
By on March 29, 2013
Trusting in Affleck’s ‘poetic truth’
By on February 25, 2013
In praise of the loser
By on January 28, 2013


Emily Hogarth 1

What I’ve been looking at…

By on April 16, 2013

This is the first is a new series of ‘What I’ve been looking at…’ columns by Claudia Massie. CultureKicks also has a ‘What I’ve been reading…’ column by Emily Rhodes, a ‘What I’ve been watching…’ column by Peter Hoskin, and will soon add a ‘What I’ve been listening to…’ one [...]

The art of seeing
By on January 28, 2013
A mystery made of paper
By on April 1, 2012
Art Attack
By on January 19, 2012



Words of Wisden

By on April 12, 2013

If you sit in the window of the Caffe Nero on Cranbourn Street, near Leicester Square Tube station, and look across the heads of the passing tourists, you will see rising out of the ox-blood tiles above the Wok to Walk Chinese takeaway opposite a relief carving of a set of [...]

What I’ve been reading…
By on April 11, 2013
What I’ve been reading…
By on February 28, 2013
A Tweet universally acknowledged
By on January 28, 2013



Careless tweets cost raves

By on October 29, 2013

Allow me to time travel to a field in Bedfordshire, around a decade ago. It is busy with arrivals. Like everyone I have come to this strangely pastoral yet ear-numbingly urban event via a text message, sent just after midnight. Someone tells us we’re heading for National Trust land. We [...]

A classical girl at The Knife
By on May 14, 2013
How to get into opera in under six minutes
By on March 21, 2013
Happy Birthday Billy Elliot
By on March 31, 2010